The Internet of you


Access and control of your data is a human right. 


Search anything about yourself by automatically tracking any piece of personal information.

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Finally search & explore the internet of you under one platform

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Your data, your way. Search to share stories and easily find...

  • Your favorite movies, music, TV and sports

  • Conversations with family across social networks

  • An overview of last week’s social media

  • Your online purchases

  • Correspondence and documents with your client

  • Everywhere you went last summer

  • Your favorite music across Spotify and YouTube

  • The latest source code updates from your dev team

  • A trophy case of your gaming achievements, fantasy football and more



Untangle your information from the web.


Expanded Features Coming Soon

Be part of the future of LIFESCOPE

Alexa, Publishing, AR/VR, and More



We are dedicated to transparency, security and user privacy.

LifeScope is designed and built by data experts and follows military grade security.

Feel safe using our cutting edge technology implemented with best practices.

LifeScope organizes your existing data and allows you to manage it better.  We can help you find and remove unwanted data.