Platform Ecosystem


The LIFESCOPE API is the foundation

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  • Access all of your data using GraphQL and OAuth 2.
  • Single Sign On designed as the ultimate solution for digital identity.
  • Subscribe to streams of your own data to derive insights or automate workflows.
  • Integrate your personal data vault into blockchains, software, and more.
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Share and Publish streams from Saved Searches

  • Publish a live story from your life.
  • Create story feeds from searches and publish on your blog.
  • Embed your story anywhere.
  • Supports publishing platforms like Wordpress, WIX, SquareSpace and more.
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Voice Power


Speak to your Memory

  • “Run Saved Search: [Search Name]”
  • “What was the last thing I did?”
  • “What did I do today?”
  • “Tell me about [Person Name]”
  • Search by “who, what, when, where, why”

Voice Response

  • “28 Events match your saved search”
  • “Today’s List of events. You received a message from Jane at 5:44 pm saying…”
  • Passively capture voice data (speech recording)
  • Annotate Conversation
  • Impersonation
  • AI Storytelling

VR Time Travel


Explore some of your favorite life moments in virtual reality. 

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AR Digital Memory


Relive your footsteps in Augmented Reality using digital breadcrumbs.


Explore physical threads in time and space.


Time travel back to favorite destinations. 

See where your history meets the earth as data in real space.