Getting Started

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Sign up/Log in/Connect to your first Provider

Add Connection from Menu

Add Connection from header

Select a Provider

  1. Go to

  2. Select a Provider you wish to connect to LifeScope. You may filter Providers by category.

  3. Once you have selected a Provider, you may name the Provider’s Connection. If you do not add a name, one will be generated automatically.

  4. Choose the Connection’s permissions under “What would you like?”. These permissions are used to request read access from the Provider.

  5. Click “Connect to (Provider)”. If you are logged in to the Provider’s account, you may not be asked for that Provider’s username/password. The Connection will be made and you will immediately be directed back to LifeScope.

  6. If you are not logged in to the Provider’s account, you will be prompted for your username/password for that Provider. This is done on the Provider’s website and is not stored or tracked by LifeScope.

  7. You will then be directed back to the LifeScope homepage upon making the Connection. If you go to the Providers page, that Provider’s icon will turn blue with at least one Connection being made.

  8. If the Connection is denied or fails, you may try again.

  9. If the Connection succeeds, LifeScope will retrieve the data you approved.

  10. Go to the Providers page by clicking the plug icon in the top bar and repeat these steps to add more Providers. LifeScope becomes more powerful for you with every Provider connection added. You may add multiple connections to the same Provider.

  11. Click “Done” button when you have finished adding Providers to go to your LifeScope homepage.

  12. If you log out of LifeScope, you log back in by following the above steps. The new Connection will be discarded once LifeScope has verified your identity, so any naming and permissions you select during the login process will be ignored.

Connection options

Provider permissions request

LifeScope Home


Account Information

Your name, handle, email address, and date joined are displayed prominently on your homepage. Your Connection count, Event count, and Search count are displayed below so you can track your mastery of LifeScope.

Quick Tabs

  • Favorites - This is a list of your Favorite Searches. Some example Favorite Searches are intelligently created on your first log in to get you started. You may want to try “All My Stuff” to see everything indexed by LifeScope.

  • Recent Searches - This is a list of all your recent searches so you can easily go back and see the history of what you have searched. Click on a recent search to recreate that search. Recent searches can also be deleted or saved to your Favorites.

  • Top Searches - This is a list of your most commonly used searches so you can see what you are most searching and easily recreate those searches. Top searches can also be deleted or saved to your Favorites.

  • Tags - This is a list of the hashtags associated with your data. We index the tagged terms we discover in your data or that you add on LifeScope, and you can manually add tags to any piece of your information in LifeScope's database. You can publicly share tags so that others can see a feed of data that has that tag.


Search and discovery are the primary features of LifeScope. Searching is done with simple Text and Tag Searches our using Advanced Search Filters.

Text Searches

  • Word Searches - In the search box, enter a search term or multiple terms.

  • Tag Searches - In the search box, enter a hashtag (#) immediately before any text to perform a tag search.

Word Search

Tag Search

Advanced Search Filters

On the left side of the search box, click on the dropdown arrow to reveal the Filters. Advanced Search Filters can be used by themselves or in conjunction with Word and Tag Searches.

  • Who - Search by any type of interaction with any contact. (e.g. To “Julia”, From “Robert”, With “Sarah”)

  • What - Search by the type of content. (e.g. text, image, video, etc.)
  • When - Search on one particular date or between two dates. Or search relative dates to return data based upon the date you are searching. (e.g. since 3 months ago, exactly 14 days ago) Some Providers do not give exact dates for data. Check “Return estimated results?” to get results with dates estimated by LifeScope’s algorithms.
  • Connection - Search by the type of connection. (e.g. Dropbox, Instagram, GitHub) Or Search for specific connections. (e.g. Julia’s Dropbox account, Robert’s Instagram account, Sarah’s GitHub account)
  • Where - Search inside or outside of geographical locations. (Enabled in a future version.)

What Filter

When Filter

Connection Filter

Connection Filter